Inspiring, flexible academic and technical spaces

Natural light streams into the school and the design incorporates student gathering areas throughout to encourage socialization, collaboration and peer learning.
Classrooms are designed with moveable walls providing flexible teaching spaces for small and large groups.  Wireless technology exists throughout the school connecting students and teachers to each other and the world.  The library and computer lab incorporates the latest in digital technology,  and facilities for students with special needs are excellent.  Superb technical rooms exist to teach wood, metal, mechanical and electrical courses along with a ‘clean lab’ that provides for education in electronic and robotic fields.
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  • Testimonials
    "I am always amazed by the talent the school produces. Can you imagine what an inspiration a new school with all the advances of today's society will bring? It will allow every student to find what makes him/her unique and allow them to enter the world beyond high school with the confidence they deserve."
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    Tami Tate
    Parent and PAC President