A Tradition of Excellence since 1929 – Oak Bay High is one of the finest secondary schools in the province, renowned for its outstanding academic, artistic and athletic accomplishments. This tradition of excellence, spirit and innovation has been built over the decades through the talent and dedication of students, teachers, administrators, parents and alumni. Generations of OBH grads have distinguished themselves as leaders in business, the arts, athletics and public service. OBH is a source of pride as well as a great resource for the entire community.

  • The New Oak Bay High is nearly complete

    A new $54 million, 151,000 square foot Oak Bay High is scheduled to open in September 2015.
    The state-of-the-art school will be a showcase of 21st Century education where students are active and engaged, doing work that matters in full partnership with local and global communities.  Inspiring and flexible learning environments will be technologically connected, equipping students for leadership and success in their communities and increasingly sophisticated job markets.
  • The New Oak Bay High is designed with the community in mind

    The community was fully engaged in the design of the new Oak Bay High.

    A Neighbourhood Learning Centre is integrated into the school that includes day and after school care, a teen centre, elder care as well as leisure, recreation and fitness facilities that will complement municipal programs.  The Centre will strengthen community well-being and enrich student learning with unique opportunities to work with children and seniors.


  • Inspiring, flexible academic and technical spaces

    Natural light streams into the school and the design incorporates student gathering areas throughout to encourage socialization, collaboration and peer learning.
    Classrooms are designed with moveable walls providing flexible teaching spaces for small and large groups.  Wireless technology exists throughout the school connecting students and teachers to each other and the world.  The library and computer lab incorporates the latest in digital technology,  and facilities for students with special needs are excellent.  Superb technical rooms exist to teach wood, metal, mechanical and electrical courses along with a ‘clean lab’ that provides for education in electronic and robotic fields.
  • Amazing fine and performing arts studios

    In the centre of the school, an outstanding 420-seat community theatre with excellent acoustics, sound, lighting and seating will be home to both school drama and community theatre.
    In addition, Oak Bay High will incorporate dance, vocal and band studios and equipment to enhance the already renowned performance arts programs and courses.  The school’s state-of-the-art community theatre and other performance studios will create exciting opportunities for both school and community based cultural development. 
  • Outstanding athletic facilities

    The new Oak Bay High will incorporate 2 gymnasiums, a fitness centre and associated support spaces.
    The gyms are already in operation and feature leading-edge sprung floors, ceiling space to meet international standards for sports such as volleyball, and superb sound and projection media equipment.  Oak Bay High will also be home to a year-round artificial turf, fully lit field with seating to complement existing fields and running track, all for use by both community and school sport programs.  The fitness centre, gyms and fields will be linked with Oak Bay municipal programming to ensure optimum use, 7 days a week, 15 hours a day.
  • Environmentally and socially responsible

    The new Oak Bay High is being built to LEED gold standards ensuring minimal environmental impact through construction and operation -- energy efficiency, low waste, clean air, minimal water use and sustainable materials are the norm.
    The new school is also inclusive to those with disabilities, both physical and learning.  Wide halls and stairways, an elevator, sophisticated wayfaring signage and extensive natural light make it easier to move through the school, and the special needs services will be extensive.  In addition, the Neighbourhood Learning Centre and ongoing partnerships with local governments and organizations ensures that the new Oak Bay High will be available to support both student and community learning and activities
  • Cultural diversity and inclusiveness

    In partnership with the Songhees Nation and the Oak Bay Neighbourhood Association,
    a Songhees master carver will create a 20' house post to erect at our new entrance.  Along with the cedar-walled Aboriginal Gathering Centre and the International Student Centre, history, tradition and cultural diversity will be celebrated in the new school.
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  • "Every school does its best to excel, but after enjoying the privilege of working at Oak Bay for over thirty years, I am still experiencing the "WOW" feeling every day. The school has an almost magical quality, or ethos if you will, that ignites excellence in both the teachers and the students".
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    Allen York
    Counsellor, Oak Bay High School