'Opening the Doors' Fundraising Campaign

What is the ‘Opening the Doors’ fundraising campaign?
The Opening the Doors fundraising campaign is an initiative by organizations associated with the new Oak Bay High School to generate supplemental funding required to fully achieve the vision of the new school as defined by educators and the community during the design phase.  In particular, the funding from the campaign will complete the facilities that extend the new Oak Bay High into an educational and community asset that is utilized 7 days a week, 15 hours a day.  
Who is involved in the Opening the Doors campaign?
The Opening the Doors fundraising campaign is a collaborative effort of partners led by Oak Bay High School.  The partners include the Parents Advisory Committee, Alumni Association and Administration of Oak Bay High, School District 61 Administration, the District of Oak Bay and Bays United Football Club.
What is the Opening the Doors fundraising target?  How will the funds be used?
The Opening the Doors fundraising target is $1.7 million.  The funds will be used for:
Academics – technology for 40 learning spaces in the building $120,000
Performing Arts – seats, curtains and audio-visual for new theatre $200,000
Athletics – turfed, lit soccer field, technology, fitness centre equipment $1,280,000
Furnishings – flexible, functional furniture to optimize spaces $100,000


Who is expected to contribute to the fundraising campaign?
The fundraising campaign is a unique opportunity to invest in the future, equipping the next generations of citizens with the education and skills necessary to be leaders in business, arts, public service and communities.  The campaign funds will also strengthen the community by creating the facilities and equipment that will ensure access for community based programs.  As schools such as the new Oak Bay High are only built once every 75 to 100 years, it truly is an investment opportunity of a lifetime and will be attractive to residents and businesses of Oak Bay, alumni and past faculty of Oak Bay High, as well as current and future students and parents.
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    "I am always amazed by the talent the school produces. Can you imagine what an inspiration a new school with all the advances of today's society will bring? It will allow every student to find what makes him/her unique and allow them to enter the world beyond high school with the confidence they deserve."
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    Tami Tate
    Parent and PAC President