Budget for the New School

How much will the new school cost?
The capital budget provided by the Province of BC is $54 million and the project is on time and on budget.  In addition to the budget from the Province, there is supplemental funding required to fully implement the vision for Oak Bay High that was defined collaboratively by educators and community representatives.  The necessary supplemental funding is $1.7 million to complete facilities such as the community theatre, the year round soccer field and technology and furnishings to fully capitalize on the outstanding learning environment that will be available in the new school.  
Why wasn’t this additional funding included in the original budget?
The BC Government, through the Greater Victoria School District #61, contributed $51,455,000.00 to the project.  This is on the basis of a formula to build a high quality school and Neighborhood Learning Centre.  Theatres, turfed fields and technological enhancements are not normally funded in this way as they are not needed or desired by all schools and communities.  To assist us with the construction of a theatre, the Municipality of Oak Bay contributed $1,000,000.00.
Where is the additional funding going to come from?
With the support of parents, staff and alumni, we have begun an “Opening the Doors” fundraising campaign to raise the additional $1.7 million required to complete the school.  We are approaching individuals, groups, businesses, and granting institutions.  We offer a variety of ways to contribute and are taking great care both to ensure that the raised funds are fully directed to the new school areas of need and our donors are fully tax receipted and publicly acknowledged (in accordance with their personal and business preferences).
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    Allen York
    Counsellor, Oak Bay High School