Opening the Doors

The Provincial Government is funding the vast majority of the new Oak Bay High’s construction costs and the project is on-time and on-budget. In the concept and design phase, the community was extensively consulted to help design a new school that incorporated facilities and programs that complement and enhance those available from local government and organizations. The vision was to truly make the new Oak Bay High (OBH) the heart of the community.
From the beginning of the project, it was understood that Provincial funding would not be sufficient to cover all of the facilities and equipment designed to meet this cooperatively developed vision.  Community-oriented space exists within the new school but additional funds are needed to ensure that the school, when it opens in September 2015, achieves the full vision defined at the beginning of the project by educators and the community. 

As a result, a partnership is working to raise additional funds needed to realize the vision.  The partnership collaborating in the Opening the Doors fundraising campaign includes the administration, Parents Advisory Committee and Alumni Association of Oak Bay High School, along with School District 61 administration, the District of Oak Bay and Bays United Football Club.

Invest in the future
  • "Every school does its best to excel, but after enjoying the privilege of working at Oak Bay for over thirty years, I am still experiencing the "WOW" feeling every day. The school has an almost magical quality, or ethos if you will, that ignites excellence in both the teachers and the students".
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    Allen York
    Counsellor, Oak Bay High School